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Residency at Dansmakers, Amsterdam, Aug 2016.

Funded by Arts Council Northern Ireland's SIAP Programme.

Collaborators: Ryan O'Neill, Roisin Gallagher, Niall Rea, Kaite Richardson, Dionne Baker, Lien Beadle and Rex Clemensia.

A physical and politically charged dance theatre production that delves into the oldest profession in the world. 

Using movement, dance, theatre, and circus, the show folds as a pop culture game show where the ‘pimp’ is the host and the contestants and audience are merely pawns. In his game, you pay to play, the price: your dignity.  During this immersive dance theatre show, the host plays with temptation and corrupts all sense of morality where the audience bargain and gamble in the Host’s sinister game.  Stories will be told, scandals will unfold…. and people will be sold.

Eileen spent a month in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on a self-arranged residency for choreographic and professional development.  Eileen took up residence in Dansmakers, an exciting dance venue north of the city where she researched her new work "The GAME Show," an engaging and politically-charged piece of dance theatre delving into the oldest profession in the world.  

Eileen had the opportunity to observe rehearsals and gain some mentorship from Pia Meuthen, AD of Panama Pictures,  throughout her residency Eileen took professional class,  attended workshops/talks and networked and connected with artists of different disciplines. 

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