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Black Mountain Shared Space Project 
10th Aug - 18th Aug 3:00pm & 7:00pm


Step into the newly planted interactive community garden at the Black Mountain Shared Space project and experience ROOTS, a unique performance that blends dance, poetry, storytelling, and active participation. Guided by the captivating sound design you will watch, listen, move, touch, and connect in an engaging  journey through the Garden.


Inspired by nature, community, and the future, ROOTS invites you to immerse yourself in a vibrant celebration of growth and unity.  Created in collaboration with the Black Mountain community, this event aims to transform a shared but contested space at Belfast's 'million brick' peace wall, that divides the Springmartin and Springfield communities.


ROOTS sparks fresh conversations and dreams of our collective future. Join us on the mountain, where art and nature intertwine to rewrite the narrative of Belfast's public spaces, embracing inclusivity, collaboration, and the boundless potential of collective imagination.


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Choreographer: Eileen McClory


Exec Producer: Hannah Mullan

Project Producer: Sandy Cuthbert

Operations: Siobhan Barbour

Garden Design: Andy McCormick/

Sow Grateful Flower Farm.


Dramaturgy: Hanna Slattne

Poet: Maria McManus

Sound Design: Issac Gibson

Costume Designer: Una Hickey

Glass Artist: Kerrie Hanna

Stage Manager: Caomhie McGee

PR: Antia Gibson 


Sarah Flavelle, Clara Kerr, Ed Mitchell,

Rosie Mullan and Harry Wilson.

ROOTS is an outdoor immersive experience where the audience will move in and around the garden. This is not a seated performance, so please be prepared to walk and explore various areas of the garden.

Important Details:


Each audience member will be wearing headphones throughout the performance, provided by OTR team. 


Outdoor Event:

As ROOTS takes place outside, please dress appropriately for the weather. Wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear for walking on garden terrain.


Weather Considerations:

The use of umbrellas is not permitted to ensure an unobstructed view for all participants. In case of rain, consider wearing waterproof clothing or bringing a hooded jacket.



The performance involves moving around the garden, so please be prepared for light walking and standing.

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