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#theSHAMEproject explores the profound effect of shame on society.


Is public shaming now our biggest fear?


The project investigates temptation, honour and sexuality in a society quick to judge; to demean, to TROLL. The work challenges gender roles and the male gaze by questioning what it is to be feminine, sensual, sexual and empowered in a digital society that is quick to click and shame.

Eileen was awarded the Artist Career Enhancement Scheme to develop #theSHAMEproject in 2018, as an Artist in Attachment with Tinderbox Theatre Company.


The work will be presented later as a work in progress in 2018 with a full production in 2019. 


Eileen has also been supported through residences at both Echo Echo Dance Theatre studios, Derry/Londonderry and Dance House, Dublin Ireland with assistance from the Dance Ireland Residency fund.


Collaborators: Lucia Kicham, Kevin Coquelard, Keith Singleton and Patrick J O'Reilly 


Choreography and concept: Eileen McClory


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