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OTR is thrilled to announce that we are one of 17 commissions for BELFAST 2024. The selection process was highly competitive, and we're delighted to be part of such a vibrant cultural year for Belfast. Our project, ROOTS, is an ambitious and multi-dimensional large-scale dance work & specially designed Garden at Black Mountain Shared Space in West Belfast. 

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 Through an enriched and nature-inspired multi-sensory experience, Roots aims to transform a shared but contested space at Belfast's 'million brick' peace wall dividing the Springmartin and Springfield communities. The newly planted Garden will burst to life with dance, poetry, storytelling, and active participation, sparking fresh conversations and narratives about the future.  


Citizens of Belfast and beyond are encouraged to watch, listen, move, touch, and connect in a captivating journey through the Garden.  A dynamic collective of artists and expert gardeners will create an interactive community garden, creating space to grow, dance, and dream a while.  


The projects culminates in live performances amid the flourishing Garden in August, followed by an immersive audio trail installation.  


Creative partners include Black Mountain Shared Space and the surrounding communities, Sow Grateful Flower Farm, PLAYGROUND Productions, Queens University, Belfast and The Eden Project, Cornwall.  


Join us on the mountain, where a tapestry of art and nature is poised to rewrite the narrative of this public space, embrace inclusivity, collaboration, and the boundless potential of collective creativity.

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